A food store isn’t really a food store without a great cheese department. Gateway features a full-service, cut-to-order cheese counter with an enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff and over 200 cheeses. We offer the largest selection of both imported cheeses as well as American artisan and farm selections. Gateway’s cheese counter is designed to provide a comfortable and intimate setting for sampling and tasting.

Meet the Experts

Gene Evans

Head Cheesemonger

When did you start?
September 2017

Where is your hometown?
I'm pretty Iowan. I grew up on the north-side of Des Moines.

What do you like to do in your free-time?
Watch cheesy movies, play video games and check out new restaurants and bars in Des Moines.

What is something people may not know about serving cheese?
When serving a cheese plate most people don't know that you should let it sit out for half an hour before serving. If you take it straight out of the refrigerator the flavor is muted.

If you were to write a trivia question about cheese what would it be?
My go-to cheesy fun-fact is a bit of a trick question: "What is the origin of cheese?" The answer, no one really knows. There are a lot of legends, but cheese has been around since before writing.